Fauxdermy - giraffe

Love Thy Mumma

A little bit of fun for the animal themed bedroom or nursery. These felt animal heads are filled with quality stuffing, crafted from felt with a wooden and fabric backing hoop (measuring 18cm diameter).

Expertly handmade by a toy maker in South Australia, my fabulous creator can do a menagerie of animals including rhinoceros, flamingo, wolf, fox, panda, unicorn, giraffe, elephant and others on request.

Comes with a ribbon loop on the hoop to allow for easy hanging from a wall hook.

One-of-a-kind, unique and custom made for Love Thy Mumma; the turnaround time is approximately three to four weeks pending custom requirements. Email me at info@lovethymumma.com.au if you have a particular animal in mind or colour scheme and we will get creating!

Credit to the following businesses - Cupcake Cuties and Funky Friends Factory Patterns - for some of these amazing patterns behind these creations and for their product images.

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